Albert mixed it up a bit today with take-downs from the clinch game. We focused mainly on a throw which involves
  1. Getting one underhook and one overhook.
  2. Secure your hands together and bring the person in tight.
  3. Depending on whichever hand is on top, the direction the hand is pointing to is the direction you'll take down the person.
  4. Turn your hips into him with a step and throw him over your hips. You want to do this in one smooth motion.
  5. You can also consider stepping your leg out and placing your ankle near his ankle to further trip him up as he goes over.
 Owen and I also worked on some counters to this move:

Reuben's solution:
As he turns his hip, stepping to the outside of the leg that he just moved to turn his hips to off balance and throw him.

Owen's solution:
As he turns his hip, jam it with your hand so that he cannot turn while you are free to punch him with the free-hand.

Albert also suggested something a lot simpler.

Albert's solution:
Drop your hips lower which lowers your center of gravity.

We also worked on several attack options from the sprawl where we have one hand wrapped around the head. This included several chokes such as the guillotine and another one where one of your partner's hands are wrapped around his neck and is used to choke him.
We of course did some sparring with take-downs allowed:

Chilling out during Albert's debrief (those gloves are comfortable!):

And here's a disturbingly happy shop of Jeremiah grappling with Owen. As Patrick says, "It's not gay as long you don't make eye contact!"


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