A quick reminder on things I need to work in coming out of the Monkey Mayhem 2010.

Learning to relax during sparring.

Focus on the external not listen to your internal dialogue when sparring.

Takedowns we learnt during the MMA core. Had issues with doing the knee takedown.

Had particular problems in trying to breakthrough in CM1. No strategy feels like I am sparring without any direction or aim.

Need to relearn hunchback stance to keep eyes looking forward. Too common that I end up looking at the floor.

Moving backwards to my lead side.

Did not know how to enter into the one up one down position from a punching perspective.

Learn not to be overly worried about what other people think or feel. As long as I conduct myself with respect for all my partners I should not feel bad that I am holding them back or that I'm getting a technique slower than others.

More fluid use of CM2


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