Albert my instructor, mentioned how Rodney prefers to allow the person to get up rather than get into a proper grappling fight.

I believe I have the same inclination to prefer a stand-up from my limited experience with BJJ. This is not to detract from BJJ, but rather a personal preference and choice.

  1. My leg flexibility isn't there (can't even touch my toes) and a lot of BJJ moves are rather difficult for me to do. Obviously this can be worked on.
  2. I really like my reach advantage which although gives you some benefit in grappling, I really like it from a striking perspective.
  3. My main purpose of learning CMD is to learn a practical martial art. Going to the ground in many cases is not practical especially when on the street. In the majority of cases, people only attack you where they have an advantage, be it numbers or weapons. CMD retains the option of dealing with multiple attackers.
Will continue BJJ to see how it goes as it's a bit too early to make judgments and it's always good to get some solid grappling fundamentals as you need some of them if you are to be able to get away from having a fight taken to the ground. The people at the studio I go to are nice and the 'rolling' really gives you the feeling of a real scruffle.


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