Covered a little bit about defense against takedowns. I noticed I was vulnerable to it while being too focused on punching quick in front.

Hunchback stance makes it easier to sprawl when a takedown attempt is coming in.

Two options here.

  1. Maintain Distance
  2. Sprawl
Maintaining distance

Use jab hand to push against his shoulder as he tries to charge in. Light steps in a larger and larger arc. Tiring for the charger.


As you are being pushed in, flay and extend legs out in a Y shape and keep knees off the ground.

As his forward momentum pushes in, the extension of legs bears your body's weight on top of him which brings him under you and in a good position to knee or strike him.

Another option is to also look into hooking your hand around his neck as he dives in while sprawling. This gives you an added choke possibility.

Notes: Need to work on this as still a bit anxious when being taken down. When strength difference is great, the sprawl may not be effective.


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