The main focus of yesterday's lesson was working in body shots and level changing for the newer students, while we also worked on improving the sprawl.

Previously, I normally sprawled and wrapped both arms under the armpit but found myself with limited attacking options and it was just a matter of waiting for him to tire and using my body weight to bring him down. Albert also mentioned that if the guy was strong, he could still pop his head out and carry you despite you executing a good sprawl. We tried a modified sprawl with one hand under the armpit and the other wrapped around the head. This not only limited his movements to push out but also gave choke options to the person sprawling.

On an unrelated note, after class we tried out a suggested self defense tactic for women/children: going to the ground, making noise and kicking like crazy. I had my doubts so decided to try it out.

First let's take a look at the proposed defense:

I can imagine this working if help is nearby but I didn't quite like it as
  1. Rules out possibility of escape
  2. Seems to help the attacker if he's trying to get on top
  3. Gives a very clear 'I am weak' sign that may encourage the attacker
  4. Extremely tiring and hard to keep up for a prolonged period
  5. It is not easy to pivot on all surfaces.
In fact, I think for kids, especially with the size and strength difference...dropping to the ground isn't going to make it that much more difficult for someone to drag them away.

Let's give this a shot:

Considering that I'm actually stronger than my attacker and have longer reach, the fact that he could still get on top of me suggests that this tactic seems to only delay the attack for a few seconds.

Also if the attacker side-stepped into my kicks, he could take it and easily cramp up my legs for a position to drop on me.

Someone suggested  to try and sit up when your legs are caught and go feral on their face: bite, scratch, claw, poke the eyes which may deter the less determined attacker but I feel that if it doesn't incapacitate him, it's just going to make him angrier and double his efforts.

Going to the ground right from the get go for self defense, just isn't my sort of thing.


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